The Realities of the Day to Day

I had a refreshing weekend. Yet after a little time passes by, the realities of the day to day slammed me hard.

Any moment I lose focus on the attack, I can easily backslide into old sinful patterns.

Every day, I must face my inner demons, tear down their strongholds, brick by brick, one at a time. They are not just going to give it to me.

Put work in, grind it out, and push hard. It is futile to be trapped by paralysis analysis of internal debates, never bringing the focused force of determined will to bear. Sometimes you just gotta ice up and do it.

Yet this is humbling: There is a limit to man's strength. A point where adversity and pain is too much. But I know that I am not alone.

I believe in Him who redeems me. He has my hope secured. Even in utter darkness, God is in control of all things. From day to day, His Spirit empowers me to fight on.


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