Not Interested

Lately I’ve been keying up my personal interactions with people. I’m noticing that everyone has ups and downs. One day, they might be passionate and engaged in conversing with you.

The other day, they may not be so inclined to speak a word with you. Their silence is enough to stomp out what you only begun to sprout.

“And that’s how a conversation dies”

All this is to say that people can be uninterested in hearing your words at that present moment. And that’s okay.

A while back, I was in that position. An acquaintance was excited to show me her findings but I felt my eyes glaze over. I feel bad about that, now that I think back.

But on that same day, I too was animated over seeing a friend. But that particular person placed a stoic front. I won’t forget that awkward 3.86 seconds of silence until she broke off our strained small chat to speak with another friend.

So she’s not interested. He’s not inclined. They’re not in the mood. What’s the big deal?

It is not impossible that she was going through a slump that day. Perhaps she had stayed up the night before, working on assignments from her night classes because she is diligently carving out her future career path yet she is having to juggle responsibilities as being a good daughter, loving the flock at her church and serving in dozens of ministries.

It is not impossible that he was not in a healthy spiritual state that moment. Maybe he’s been watching videos and reading social media updates from people that he longs to speak with but can no longer do readily so. It is probable for him to cultivate a reminiscent heart that can affect his emotions throughout the week.

Maybe the above statements are all true. Maybe not. But does it matter? It’s okay for people to be not interested in you, especially at the exact moment your line of words intersects their line of life. Ultimately you do not need their validation, nowhere as much as the words of God validating your existence and life purpose.

So what does one do when in that oh-so-awkward position? For now, I find it helpful to give benefit of doubt in my heart and move on quickly in reality. I should pray for him more. At a later time, I can ask her personally how she’s doing. Until then, I prefer ghosting or taking the initiative to end the already-dying conversation.

Well I should be leaving. +MK


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