Testing. One. Two. Three.

Write Better with Draft

This is a test post.

Made By Vadim - A collection of the most hipsterest things you can possibly find.

This is a test post, testing the functionality of DraftIn.com’s WordPress Publishing feature.1

Though I am the sole writer of this blog, I like using nifty tools to make life easier.

I hope this works out well!

My ToDo for this app:

  • Test Draft
  • Make sample post
  • Review!2

  1. DraftIn is an app created by a solo developer. It is version control and collaboration for writers. Very helpful if you have to write a lot and edit with several people. 

  2. There are two things that DraftIn cannot do:

    1. Set featured image for your WordPress blog post and
    2. Schedule/Queue your posts.

    What my workaround for this quirk is publishing my DraftIn post as a draft in WordPress (see what I did there?) in order to select featured image and schedule when to publish the post within the WordPress UI. 


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