“Men have become tools of their tools.”

It was day 9. The ninth day without a smartphone, tablet, Facebook. No social media. No iMessage. No instant access to email. No GPS.

Life was slow and granular. I am forced to move and process at snail pace. So in this “technology fast”, Henry David Thoreou was on my slow-moving mind that day. I penned the above quote in my journal and I thought about what led me to this place.

The urge to make everyone feel like they’re the most important person in the world was an all-enslaving need that engulfed my well-being. I had become a slave to man, slipping down the treacherous slope of a people-centered lifestyle. My dependence on smart devices betrayed a reliance on people for sustenance. I had made several steps away from the fountain of life to dig up broken cisterns, which holds no water.

So I unplugged. It’s as if I cordoned off my brain’s exocortex and lost transhuman abilities. I might as well be the Green Lantern without his ring of power.

But I felt lighter. No longer burdened to meet imposed demands and satisfy every notifications in my life, my thoughts were clear. It was in the slow, unplugged month when my mind was liberated to arrive to this conclusion:

Draw near to God. Instead of this world, draw near to Him, plug into His Word, know His will, become Spirit-led and be free from this world’s deception. This is how to live life abundantly! In my life, what I need more than anything is Him. Draw near to God and He will draw near to you.



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