Summer Heat

This is an odd time of the summer for it to be very hot. The days seem to drag on a little longer, as the heat waves in my head.

A familiar sense of humidity floods into my sensation, as I opened my car door to drive to work. I know I’ve felt this same sensation back in Austin, TX.

At a fairly remote part of my workplace, there are some unused couches and empty one-seater cubicle desks that are strewn in the room. My work is beginning to move out of the current location and into our new facility, so there’s been a great amount of commotions and hubbub going about.

Normally on my lunch hour, I’d go out of the way to leave the building to find an isolated sanctuary, but with the added heat of the summer and its humidity, I decided to relocate (temporarily) my sanctuary to the storage area in my facility.

I pulled out a yellow-cellophane wrapped cheeseburger and proceeded chowing. There was a time when I used to take liberal amounts of the day (& night) to create amateur cuisinery for myself to take through work and play, but I am finding myself at too much of a time-deficit to do this. More often then not, take-out and friendly leftovers are the order of the day for me. Other times, I’ve done without.

In the midst of a order-filled, packed day, washed and replete with much todos and tasks, I feel my cranium desiring a momentary respite.

But what a time for my mind to begin a recap and redraw the steps and path that I traversed back in Austin.

It felt like the last ‘true’ vacation that I’ve had in a while. “Refreshingly entrepreneurial” was the expression I used to describe it, but I would like to add one more adjective to this:


In so many ways. Spiritually, Physically, and career-wise too. I found great profit and gains to be had from the trip.

It makes me a bit aghast that I’ve allowed myself to be too overstretched and overloaded to review the horde of notes i’ve taken during that trip. I’ve still yet to solidify my web and spiritual convictions, based from the lectures and sessions of the trip.

I still clearly remember seeing the joys (and trials) of personal family discipleship, being lived out and fleshed out on the day to day basis. I can still recall the beautiful, smiling faces of the children and the people there. I can still clearly remember.

All this to say that I am so grateful for my time at Austin. I found so much refreshment and joy there, with the ultimate joy reminded to me. I do feel greatly indebted to the people there and I hope to revisit the area.

Hm. Another bite of fast-food down my throat.
I’m already full now, so why do I keep eating.

It’s been weeks since I’ve flown to Austin for my web design conference, but nonetheless I do miss the times I spent there. And I am truly grateful to God for every moment of it.

Now. Let’s wrap this up and get back to work.


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