Blind Spot

Photography: Bea Loves photography

Why do you see the speck that is in your brother’s eye, but do not notice the log that is in your own eye?
(Luke 6:41 ESV)

We need each other to see where our blind spot eclipses. Without one another, self-righteousness can flourish and sin will be unchecked.

Christ designed the church so that members are integrated with each other in such a way that we *need* each other to see where we are flawed and how we can grow to be more like the head.

Notice that *everyone* has blind spots. The one who points out yours will most likely have a set of their own. Perhaps the tone of condescension could have been removed. Perhaps the person should have lowered his volume, spoken gently. Maybe the person has a bigger plank than your own!

But nevertheless, the other person’s sins does not justify you to keep yours.

If we lift our head up in pride, rebuff correction, and flee from all criticisms, it’ll be too easy to live with blind spots and never knowing how we can change.

Perhaps we’ll even be haunted with the knowledge of “knowing” we need to change and grow, but we’ll never allow anyone to point out “how”.

Thus, by living blindly, we’ll deceive ourselves with the sense of false righteousness to the end of our days.

By then, when the Judge finally reveals all that we refused to see, it will be too late to take back the scars we inflicted.

Therefore,… All have their logs to remove.


  • How have you contemplated on the last moment of correction you’ve received?
  • What can a loving person do when that person sees clearly your blind spot? Have you stopped and considered that perhaps the person who rebuked you is doing the one act of love you sorely need?
  • Have you deeply considered how you can remove the log from your eye? Are you committed to applying what you’ve learned?
  • Or is your commitment to Christ too shallow to swallow your pride and gratefully receive correction?

Commit to Christ, seek godly rebuke from brothers & sisters, grow and change by His grace so you can remove the blind spot from your sins.


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