Wednesday, 11/23
-ride to SD airport by David Young Lee.
-Buffalo Chicken Pizza from CPK. My last californian food for the week. =)
-Met Matt, my airline seat buddy, and had good conversations!
-flying! until 11pm. Perfect time to level up my characters 😉
-The Paglinawans are here! Jenn & Joe picked me up and chilled with the Abot’s
-Playing DLD and barely remembered songs of Kenny Choi.
-Sleep-over, met Ruthie, Noel!

Thursday, 11/24
-Morning Devo and breakfast with the family. Reminded of 1 Thess & being thankful in everything.
-BASKETBALL! Half-court at the park nearby. We won! =D
-Found Yugioh cards and played with Noel!
-Thanksgiving! Abot-style 😀 Met the rest of the family & ate a LOT OF FOOD.
-Played with Gaby & JZ, the most adorable little kids ever!
-Dinner time!
-Black Friday shopping.. this early at Walmart?
-sleepy time! Time to snooze.

Friday, 11/25
-Morning! Time to play Dance Central two!
-Time to commute to new york! 4 hours of driving, here we go!
And now currently in the car, parking & getting ready to explore the rest of the city! =D


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