truly knowing someone

Earlier today, someone asked me if I know a particular person.

I thought back at the times we’ve hung out,.. and I realize that

I did not have much to say about the person.

Not that I completely failed as a friend, but I recognize that I was only able to dictate surface-level knowledge, shallow factoids that anyone can deduce through observation.

But do I really know that person? Did I truly take the time to understand how she thinks and what really makes her tick?

Yes, relationships are two-way streets and there’s only so much one can do with reluctant, unwilling acquaintances…

but I still have to consider…

What have I really done with the time I spend with people?
If all I can list out were surface-level knowledge of the person, even after years of acquainting myself with others, then I have wasted our time.

So how much of this thinking matters, in regards to treating our acquaintances (and our friends)? How can people really get to know one another, on a deeply personal level?
+Michael K


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