exactly where you need to be

Photography: viZZZual.com

Growth rates differ between each person.

So it is arrogant for me to impose my standards, my rate of growth on someone else.

Do I trust and believe that God is in control of each person’s life?

Whether I like it or not, a person’s spiritual understanding of certain things may not be where I like it to be, but ultimately it’s not about my preference.

God may use me to bring a piece of His truth to another person where they may come to a better understanding of Himself. But I would be presumptuous to think that the person is learning the exact same lesson that I have gone through. Even if circumstances may be similar, God may be bringing that person to learn an entirely different lesson for His purposes.

Do I truly trust that God is true to His promises, that He *will* complete the good work that He’s begun? (Phil 1:6)

If God is truly sovereign over each person’s life, therefore we *must* conclude that each person is exactly where he or she needs to be.


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