truly reformed…?

“Religion has become a thing rather of the mind than the soul.

Our attitude towards the Reformers, Puritans and early Methodists is rather one of wonderment at their amazing spirituality than a serious attempt to emulate it.

When we call ourselves ‘Reformed’ we too often mean that we have embraced a set of theological ideas rather than the holier type of life that once went with them.”

What does it mean to say I am a “reformed” Christian? There can be so many different flavors of “Christianity”, that one can hardly believe they bear the same label. There are even clear doctrinal convictions that makes them a minority among minorities… (though not every reformed believers necessarily believe in the exact same sets of doctrine…)

Lordship salvation, literal 6 day creation, radical pursuit of reconciliation, and the daily living of faithfulness to Jesus? These are NOT popular perspectives to the world, and even among Christians.

So, if we call ourselves “Reformed” Christians, we have already signed the disclaimer that we’re not going to be popular.

As a “follower of Jesus”, why am I doing this to myself? Why would I be going to church & participating in Christian fellowship if it labels me a minority among minorities? Is it about me having some “spiritual” moments, talking very “spiritually” to people and in some nebulous ways, hanging out with some social group while labeling everything I did as “fellowship”?

To be honest, I can say at very specific periods in my life, that has been the posture of my heart. It wouldn’t be beneath anyone to consider whether they have that perspective as well. And it’s intriguing to see that this self-centered view towards life can be revealed in various circumstances that God can bring to bear in one’s life.

Sooner or later, everyone will know what you really live for. Especially during difficult times, what was immaterial to your heart will become immaterial in your life.

Consider what Jesus said.

Every day, am I absolutely dying to myself, picking up my cross, and following Him? Or have I just adopted the name of a particular group and choose to hang out with them, just because it makes me feel “spiritual” and good inside?

I must consider this: What do my daily decisions say about my purpose in life? What does my life say who I am living for? Am I living for myself or for God?

I have to recognize that I’m not in this for myself. The purpose of my life *has* to go beyond me and towards the Lord.

+Michael K


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