Uninspired Part 3

Photography: digital vincent

Do nothing from rivalry or conceit, but in humility count others more significant than yourselves. [Phil 2:3]

Have I really taken the time to consider my actions and my thoughts, and brought them in humble submission to serving others? Am I really vested in the other person’s interest above my own? Do I really consider others more *significant* than me?

It’s not necessarily about “bashing self-esteem” (as we innately have more than enough of it), but are we really esteeming others in the way God has called us to do so?

Think about it

Was God being honored by my snide, slick remarks to others? Was the King of Kings really magnified by my uninspired, mess of self-centered thoughtless heart?
In the last sentences that I have spoken thoughtlessly, who have I been esteeming?
Or have I been saying my words to build up my sinking sandcastle of selfishness.

As for myself, I do recognize the genuine struggle against selfishness. However, it is far more sweeter to the Lord when I cast down my self-centeredness and choose to count others more significant than myself.

It’s not natural and it is so painful.
This is what the aroma of self-sacrifice feels like.

And that aroma is pleasing to the Lord.

Jesus has every reason to not esteem us and redeem us, but he chose to do so anyway, at the cost of His life.

If I have any encouragement, any sense of joy, of hope in Christ, then should I not strive to have my words be of redeeming value and reflective of the Redeemer?


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