Uninspired Part 2

Photography: pink bow

In the midst of a group gathering, you walk around people and conversations are flying about. However, you don’t really key into any particular thread until you hear your name mentioned aloud!

Psychology calls it the “Cocktail Party Effect.” Which is just a labeled phenomenon of how *conditioned* people have become in centering themselves.

You notice that people don’t bother to mention details unless it involves themselves at some point.

You notice that a person can go at great lengths to bother others about some story he’s been telling because it involves him in some profound way.

You often wonder why names are so hard to remember. But unless there is some vested interest on the random acquaintance you’ve met, you don’t bother to spend the extra energy to crystallize the person’s name into memory. It’s sad but it happens a lot. The guy who goes out to scope out girls, grab their numbers and memorize their names is the same guy who can barely remember the waiter’s name.

So what do we do? How do we address this issue that lies so closely within us?


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