Uninspired Part 1

Photography: Lainey1

As of right now, I do not feel particularly inspired at all.

Maybe it is due to the mundane trend of post-college life. Things seem to wind down into a “clock-in-clock-out”, uninspired routine that is repeated on a daily cycle.

It seems that the more specialized a person becomes, the harder it is for him to be able to relate with those outside his sphere of specialty. For myself, I personally find that I *need* to make a conscious effort to reach out to people or else I may find myself retreating to a quiet corner in a musty coffee shop, quietly crafting away in solitude.

I can often find myself looking down on others and making snide, witty remarks within my mind (or out from my foot-shaped mouth, as I unfortunately often do whenever I enter the infamous “mouth-operating-before-brain” mode).

But honestly, to my shame, all of the above are manifestations of my selfishness.

And being self-centered is something that *every* human being can relate to. Selfishness is uninspired.

Think about it.


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