say no to say yes

It has been a while since I’ve been consistent with this blog.

Much has certainly changed since back then and now. Even as I type this post, I even wonder if I should even continue blogging.

I notice one thing: Most of the men I look up to no longer blog. This may be due to a variety of reason, but one common denominator has always been busy-ness. There are simply too many plates to carry for them; maintaining a fresh blog is the least of their concerns.

Last year, I recalled posting a bit on how WordPress rated how “fresh” and updated my site was. I doubt I will get a similar response, as I found myself becoming inundated with concerns.

“As we get older, we find ourselves saying ‘No’ to 3 [possible] good things, in order to say ‘Yes’ to one good thing.” -KG

I am finding myself saying no more and more these days. Recently, I had to quietly say “No” to a certain request. As much as I would love to, I knew I could not fulfill that request.

Why can I not say “Yes” to every single thing that comes my way?

Because I am discovering that the things I am able to say “Yes” to, are the things that are worth saying “Yes” to.

+Michael K


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