just an ordinary day

“It’s just an ordinary day”
-my dad

I really appreciate my father. My dad responded with the quote above when I mentioned that today is Father’s Day. I see that he doesn’t do his “fatherhood job” for any fanfare or acclaim. My dad’s pragmatic, “to-the-point” perspective has really enlightened me in many points about life. And despite our great differences with theology and faith, one thing that I appreciate about him is his humble, self-sacrificial heart.

I realize that I am truly blessed to even have a father in my life. After being in contact with many who does not have good relations or any relations with their father, I realize that despite the flaws I see in my dad, God is gracious for even providing me a father who excels in what I lack in. I can’t help but be thankful to God for every memory and every moment I have with my family, especially with my dad. Even though the phone talks might be long (with the dad:me ratio equaling close to 15:1 ;), and quirks & personalities clash, I truly appreciate my dad and his place in my life.

+Michael K


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