Bound As One

Some days, I wish I can break all the clocks and stop the hands of time from moving forward. Other days, I desire to wind the clock forwards and fast-forward the pain. But now I realize that God set time at the perfectly right pace, allowing me to experience His grace in the timing He deemed perfectly sufficient; God made no mistake in setting time's current pace. Never too fast, never too slow, always on time.

Yesterday was a full day. Sunday service, then senior photoshoot, and then banquet! I remember God’s faithfulness in each event.

I am going to miss everyone at College Life. God is absolutely amazing for redeeming me and allowing this broken vessel to cherish people. I know that I have more than enough in me to deserve the ill-favor of all. Even though I have regrets, I know that God gave me so much blessings that I never imagined before! Regardless of my past regrets, the fact that God still sustains me and even enables me to share His grace to others is so humbling for me.

Remember also your Creator in the days of your youth,… [Ecclesiastes 12:1a]

These are the memories that I will cherish. These memories are only made possible by the cross.

I praise God that He has kept me alive long enough to cherish each and every precious soul He has brought in my life.
I praise God that we are bound as one in Christ.
+Michael K


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