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I am broken by the truth and heart behind these words.

Did I really mean my sorries, my apologies? What is an apology if I demand forgiveness? Is my apology any good if my motives are revealed to be impure?
So… Apologizing does not mean that “I said my sorries. Now your turn, or else.

What does it matter if both sides wronged each other and harbor unforgiveness. If neither are willing to apologize and forgive, then both sides are trashing the Gospel testimony of ultimate forgiveness.

Can forgiveness be forcefully demanded? Or restoration be rightly commanded?

Whether the other side responds correctly is not up to us. Do all on your part to be at peace with all.
God is sovereign and God is the ultimate judge.

In the very end, we all answer to God Himself. It will ultimately be between Him and us only, when we are faced with the question of whether we truly forgave, whether we truly apologized, whether we truly reconciled.

Unforgiveness is gospel amnesia. -Joshua Harris

But forgiveness cannot be demanded. It is not beneficial nor fruitful to wave around bible verses and sayings, demanding restoration under the guise of biblical platitudes.

genuine forgiveness can only be politely asked
and it’s the other side’s prerogative to truly respond rightly.

Apologizing means “I’m sorry. I love you. Please forgive me?”

I was wrong and I admit it.

I am sorry.


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