Everything is going to be okay

everything is going to be okay

Photo credit to anomalousmaterial.com

Earlier this week, I saw a Source Code with Peter Park and Daniel Chan for a late night movie run. It turns out to be a decent movie. Not the same caliber as Inception, but pretty close. Besides, as Inception was 10 years in the making, Source Code is pretty good for a low budget movie [only shot in two different locations.]

Yet in the movie, this particular quote keeps ringing through my head:

Everything’s going to be okay

The characters in the movie kept saying that, despite how much things are falling apart. While the movie does resolve itself in its own fashion, those words are intriguing to me. On what basis can we truly say that “everything’s gonna be okay?”

For those of you who are aware of my personal situation, it became far worse than ever before.

Though as the gray skies loom over me, I know and I trust that
as long as we are in Christ, everything’s gonna be okay.

Everything is going to be okay.


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