Photography: Parker Fitzgerald

I can still feel the sway and rhythm of the ocean.

Cruise trip was quite wonderful!
Happiness and laughter was the food I feasted on for the last 5 days. It’s as if colors are vibrant once more, my skin restores its healthy supple tone, and my heart is rejuvenated with robust heartbeat rhythms once again.

I did not bring my camera, but many others did, so there’ll be pictures and videos up in a Facebook near you.

On a serious note, Sarah mentioned that this would be my last real vacation for the rest of the year [and my life?] And guess what? She’s right. After graduation, full-time work stares at me with daunting work-life and with it, trials of the “real” world await.

But it’s no worries. For now, I am content with the peacefulness and rest that has been given to me. Another man mentioned to me that I’ll be working like no other in the next few months. But I was also encouraged to not “limit” my life and think that that’s all my life will ever amount to. So long as there are people to love and invest in, so long as there are souls dying, there will not be a dullness to life. [Perhaps dull moments in life can be seen as a blessing, as one man conveyed to me].

This spring break was exactly what I needed: rest

A thought challenged me as I read Psalm 90 during the break: Am I praying according to God’s character or my character?

Am I focused on God and who He is, or does the focus of my prayer lean towards who I am and my unmet needs?

Yes, my past and my failures are large. And it does seem daunting in all of its ugliness. But am I mindful of the truth that “man’s days are numbered”? What is my life in comparison to God and His goodness? Do I trust that God will establish His work and glorious power?

There’s so much more to the text in Psalm 90. But a peripheral glance is enough to see the heart of humility.

Being satisfied in God’s steadfast love stems from resting on God’s character and what He’s done.

Therefore, do I humble myself and pray prayers that are aligned with God?


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