sin and grace

“Had God permitted grace freely to flow out into the world and to gather great strength within a short period, then the true nature and consequences of sin would have been very imperfectly disclosed. Man would have ascribed to his own relative goodness what was in reality a product of the grace of God. Hence, before the work of redemption is further carried out, the downward tendency of sin is clearly illustrated [by the Flood] in order that subsequently in the light of this downgrade movement the true divine cause of the upward cause of redemption might be appreciated.

Why is evil allowed to happen?
What would grace mean if it was so cheaply given? Is the God of Abraham a cheap, fickle god that can be comparable to another human being? Did we inherently deserve grace?

It’s scandalous that God showers grace to us.

And it’s even more outrageous that this is the way that God’s grace shines the most,
when saving impenitent sinners like us… His grace is magnified
and God is most glorified
+Michael K


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