Who has time to do this: Update!

So its been a long while since I had a real honest to life update on what’s been going on.

Who has time to blog and keep up their lives posted? I discovered the “queue” feature for Tumblr, which allows that to stay “fresh” without my supervision.

I am beginning to see the value of time management/delegation.

I feel like this guy sometimes. After his long bout of emotional weepiness, he starts what he needed to start and gets his life back on track. It’s rather funny that he is an architect, a designer of real buildings, whereas I see myself as a designer of virtual ones, the web designer.

To be honest, it’s an exciting time to get back on track. 2011 is a great year and the numbers roll off the tip of my newly-bought Staedtler pens easily. 11 is a beautiful number to end the 6 numeral digits.

If I could do cartwheels, I’d be cartwheeling halfway around my days.
It’s wonderful to finally have peace.

I did foresee relapses of the past in this year; the major quake is over, but there are always aftershocks. I must admit that sorrow is occasional. However, sorrow has its place and I will concede.

Without rain, what can grow?
+Michael K
I’m grateful
for His love.


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