video game addict

“I just conquered a dungeon owned by Orcs and now my reputation is higher so I can buy more items!” exclaims Andrew with glee to his young wife, Rebekah. “I’m getting closer to defeating the whole continent!” he explains.

Ignoring him, Rebekah pleads, “Andrew, I am exhausted. Will you please come to bed with me tonight? You know that expecting mothers need more rest… it’s best for the baby.”

“Rebekah, will you get off my back? I’m not hurting anyone. At least I don’t go out drinking with my friends like your ‘good for nothing’ brother. You can go to bed by yourself ’cause I’m not doing anything wrong.”

“You are ‘not doing anything’ that’s for sure,” Rebekah mocks back with tears welling in her eyes. As her hands glide coaxingly across her rounded belly, she despairs, “I sure didn’t know I was marrying a video game addict.”

-From Hope and Help for Video Game, TV & Internet Addiction by Mark Shaw

How many dungeons will you conquer, at the expense of your family?



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