thoughts = love

“You know you love something when you look at what you think about the most….

people love the Bible more than Jesus”

Now that’s a sticky quote. We can take it in all sorts of wrong ways.
A friend shared that quote with me and it got me to think.

It convicts me to see how little I think of whom I claim I love most.
And what adds more salt to the wound is
how subtle the line is between
pursuit of knowledge
pursuit of God.

We closely connect the Bible to spiritual health and we KNOW we ought to read His Word. And often times, many forget this.
However, the other extreme is to go FAR into theology and ecclesiology and all those other -ology’s and totally forget that
we have
a relationship
with God.

Pursuing knowledge and sharing that without heart can lead to crustiness.

Do we love knowledge more than Jesus Christ himself?


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