Today was such a good day

in such a good week, this day was very good. I got so much to be thankful for.

In short:

  • Sunday Morning
  • Luncheon @ Habanero’s with Debby & Esther
  • Cooking cheesy pasta with David Young Lee 🙂
  • Thanksgiving potluck/Visionquest!

The beautiful paradox of the Christian life is this: God uses the weak, broken vessels for His glory.

And the fact that we even benefit from it all, is too amazing to perceive.

+Michael K

PS: on another note, my memory fails me to count the reminders of my past that is coming back to me through new faces and people. There’s so much to relay to these new voices, so much to exhort, to rebuke, to refine, and to warn.

Convictions burn hotter than ever.


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