subconscious legacy

My dreams reveal alot about myself to me.
A window of the subconscious, to the main stream of thoughts that brew in my mind.

guardian angels [posing as my friends], future replays, hopeful wishful desires, spoken words bringing convictions from the thorn which pierces me so deeply,..
there’s a lot to process.

there’s a lot of content to post up in this blog. Keep me accountable for this!

Things to post up:

  • Update on life and what’s been going on (priority!)
    • Perhaps this post is where I’ll introduce my new website? 🙂
  • Recap “true love” post from retreat & Leeman’s book (starting with Chapter 1) & pat’s sermon.
  • Old notes from studying Romans & other verses…
  • Devotionals from James

I can queue most of the content ahead of time and stagger the timing of its future posting so that there will be fresh content on a weekly basis.

However, I do need to chunk out some time to update my website and wordpress.

And now that the year is coming to a close, I need to reevaluate what this blog is about and what direction it is headed towards.

A brother approached me once and told me be mindful of what I post. If what I am posting is becoming an issue, then the direction of this blog needs to be cross-examined.

Well, until next time, hope to see you around!

+Michael K


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