true love primer

I just came back from LBC All-Church Retreat!
It was quite a blessing and so much was solidified from this weekend!
I will definitely have to do a comprehensive post of what happened and what I learned from retreat.

The theme of the retreat was “True Love” and the speaker was Jonathan Leeman, who wrote the compelling book, “Church and the Surprising Offense of God’s Love.”

I feel that Jonathan Leeman’s “Church and…” was his equivalent of John Piper’s manifesto book, “Desiring God”. [in fact, I would group “Desiring God” and “Church & Surprising Offense of God’s Love” together; mainly due to their engrossing, foundation-shattering content. That and they are both the same thickness and richness in content ;]

Here are things that I learned and solidified:
-Our concept of love is faulty, when taken from a humanistic perspective.
-In much of contemporary evangelicalism, “love is god”
-We often define love for ourselves, instead of going to God for its definition.
-Para-church ministries and the Church [you’re going to have to ask me about that one; i MIGHT do separate post on that, but i’m having second thoughts on it, due to its sensitive nature here at SD]
-Church membership & discipline has this main principle: MAKING THINGS CLEAR. [and that is loving!]
-Practically, consider the good of others IN THE LIGHT OF GOD’S LOVE.
-Is God’s love unconditional???? [no. it’s even better :]

Anyways, back to SD. I’m going to try to play catch up and process all this.
+Michael K
PS: napoleon dynamite should NEVER meet justin bieber. just to let you know.


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