I notice that for myself,

I can write well, but I can’t “talk” well. Isn’t that really funny? What may sound eloquent and well-thought in paper/blog,… can easily sound long and jumbled up in person.

As a person, I’m verbose and awkward; mannerisms and conduct can surely get in the way of my intent.

In person, I am NOT the model of good conduct. Hardly the model of godly conduct that the Bible defines [Ref 1 Timothy 2:2, 1 Tim 4:6-7, James 3:13].

Yet, I’m thankful for the tools that I have available, such as the blog, the journal, the pen, and the voice. These are my instruments, my means of capturing the rain of thoughts in my head.

A part of being a man is being disciplined. As my friend explains in his blog, a godly man is characterized in his dependability, stability, and reliability. For me, being able to control and sustain one’s mind is crucial.

A good man once told me that I “write well”. I hope that my ability in writing well can be a step towards stability.

+Michael K

I’ve been listening to Rick Holland’s sermon about manhood. He ended up going over Al Mohler’s articles on the 13 Marks of Manhood. Looks like I have 13 marks to work on. The last college year is approaching quickly.


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