Emerging Adulthood


This article brings much concern to me.
Read it and read it well; it is a great commentary of our generation.

Names and faces pop up as I read the predicaments of the young adults mentioned, and I feel convicted.

I speak to myself, and to those like me.

When did the youth start forsaking family life for the sake of pop culture, video games, and self-exploration? When did the youth decide to ditch small groups for the sake of playing basketball, guising it under the name of “fellowship”?
When did the youth began to indulge in being selfish and self-centered in everything they do?

Though sinfulness & selfishness has been the pattern of every single human being, this “emerging adulthood” phenomenon displays how self-focused people have become. Al Mohler quotes: “There is an intense focus on the self that emerges in how many of these young people explain their delayed adulthood.”

In the original article, a woman says something that encapsulates our selfishness the best:
“When is there time to just be and enjoy?” asked a 25-year-old young woman identified as “Jennifer.”

In the light of this statement, there CAN be NO justifiable reasons to be selfless and charitable when selfishness is our goal.
To Jennifer, I would respond “Why can’t we just ‘be and enjoy’ with what’s already been given to us? Or is life so ‘miserable’ that we can’t be content with what we already have?”

I thoroughly enjoyed Al Mohler’s response: “Just one generation ago, a young woman her age would have been, on average, married and well on her way to motherhood.”

I’m saddened to see a widespread epidemic of immature adults. I’m grief-stricken to see that I have done nothing but perpetrate this dilemma.

I am not a man. I have yet to reach those 5 milestones.
God, help me become a man.

+Michael K

Self-control has become such a rare gem in this generation.


One thought on “Emerging Adulthood

  1. *nods* Thanks Michael for the thoughtful post =) I stumbled upon this article too, but I couldn’t get through it because of my low-attention span xD But it really is true how our society values the individual so much… to the point where we admire people who do whatever they want and works towards fulfilling their own dreams and aspirations. I’m constantly learning about my own selfishness, but I think our deficiencies really make us realize how holy/amazing God is too =)

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