lucid ops

Today, I had a crazy lucid dream. in another dream.
After working out in the morning with the “Elaman”, I decided to take a nap. There, my adventure began.

I woke up from my couch, in the same position where I napped, and I knew right away that something was wrong. I heard a little voice.

“Michael! We gotta go!” My little sister cried out to me as she was waiting for me at the door. Funny, I don’t remember her being taller/older?
I figured that something was amiss and that I should not go without some protection. I held out my hand.

A new M4 carbine materialized in my hand. I was immediately decked out in desert storm camoflauge, and years of rifleman training flew in my mind. Boot-strapped and armed, I was ready.

“Let’s go”, I said, as we walked out the apartment door. There was a rusty look to the outside environment; the sun was setting and everything had a tinge of rust-red-orange glow. I could not help but shake the fact that somewhere outside, there were many buildings burning and crumbling.

I slowly stalked out of the hallway, keeping my sister behind me. Immediately, I saw movement on my left corner. “Stay back!” I yelled to my sister as a thin figure charged at me with a knife. Without hesitating, I squeezed the trigger and opened fire.

As I was firing, I thought “Hm. It’s a little too loud.” A silencer materialized at the end of my gun and as the M4 quieted down, the black figure dissipated. I removed my cartridge and noticed how slow it was to reload. I ought to not spray bullets carelessly.

This was getting weird. Guns don’t materialize at the whim of my thoughts and people don’t dissipate when/if they get shot. But I knew I had to get my sister to safety. As we headed to the building across, another black figure opened fire at us.

“Take cover!” My sister ran behind a ledge and I found the shooter. Once again, I aimed down the sight and fired again. Dissipated once again.

I turned to my sister and yelled, “Get to the garage!” As I turned back, the black figure appeared, gun pointed at me. It was a woman, dressed in black ops gear. She commenced firing at us.

*pfft pfft pfft pfft pfft*
Fortunately, reactions kicked in fast enough to fill up the slim black figure with newly made holes. I crawled over and as I got a closer look, I realize that the slim black figure was a friend I knew back then…
I slipped off her mask and, instead of seeing her face, I saw black empty void, dissipating the surface.

She has no face. No matter how hard I tried to will my thoughts to materialize her face, hoping to recover her, there was only void.”

I woke up. What a weird dream. Reality is not like that. I ought to get better sleep next time.
But furnitures were rearranged and there was a fuzzy appearance to everything.
And I realize that once again, I’m still dreaming.

Burning-hot sensation filled my body, as I felt my body tighten.


I woke up. For reals.
How lucid can lucid dreams be? Besides the reality-bending, matter-forming aspects, lucid dreams can feel pretty real.
No wonder people make such practice of this type of dreaming.

Reality is so much better. “In your dreams” is in your dreams for a reason.
As adventurous and alluring a dream can be,
we always wake up to reality.
+Michael K
PS: Hey! I can totally defend my actions back at that dream! It was in the heat of battle and lives were threatened!
The person I shot and killed is still alive and well. 🙂


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