pierce me.

I am grateful that my joy still remains. It’s a privilege to be hurt for this sake. I know thorns never surprised God, not once.


Things that prick me inside. Things that stab me as I remember them; they can be anything from a person to an indwelling sin struggles to memories that refuse to fade quickly. One particular thorn pierces me so deep, to the point where I still write about that rosy thorn from time to time.

It is the thorny rose, that rosy thorn, where I’ve learned and relearned life’s hardest lessons.

That I must take great care in guarding my heart from the perfume of enticing beauty.
That I cannot place unproven & unreasonable expectations upon the enticing unknown.
That I should not be surprised when people fail and are not in the same page.
That I seek to glorify God first and repent from my sins.
That I gently ask for forgiveness, not demand it.
That final, total reconciliation with the other party may never come.
That I love unconditionally, even to those who despise me.

That I cannot allow myself to forget my first love. And the strength that is found in His joy.


I’ve written the above post on March 14, 2010. 4 months, 28 days later, my convictions are still the same.

+Michael K


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