Attentional Blindness

“There is no fear of God before their eyes.” -Rom 3:18

I can’t help, but be struck from that statement.

I’ve always heard that the eyes are the windows to your soul. Now, that is prolly some old wives’ tale, but the significance of our eyes is known worldwide.

We use our eyes to perceive the world around us; much expense is made to correct whatever deficiencies our eyes possess.

But, here is the point that Apostle Paul makes= humanity has a universal deficiency: blindness to the fear of God.

It makes sense! In the text, the word used for “before” means “to be opposite of, to be in front of.”
So the text can be read, “there is no fear of God IN FRONT of their eyes.”

Why is this? There is a given premise that NONE IS RIGHTEOUS, so the following statements are all inclusive to humanity (who are all unrighteous). And the last statement sums it up by saying that the fear of God is absent in front of them.

So, what does it mean to fear God? Another way to look at it is “what does it mean to live your life as if the fear of God is in front of you?”

Fear of God. We know that Solomon says that it “is the beginning of wisdom” (cf prov1). But, what is it??

Well, think of it this way.
We KNOW that God SPOKE the world into BEING. We KNOW that God is PERFECT and rightfully JUDGES. We KNOW that God is LORD over ALL.

We KNOW that God, as Jesus Christ, condescended down to earth and DIED for sins of all those who believe.

We KNOW that Jesus Christ is our RISEN KING and he is SAVIOR.

We know all these truths, but do we fear God?
Do we see God as who He is, as He said who He is in the Bible,… or do we see God as some namby-pamby santa claus in the sky?
Do we lightly go about our lives, watching youtube videos and playing our guitars in front of our computers, without a single thought that our bodies’ ability to be alive is ALL sustained by God?
Do we ever feel apathetic and lonely in our hearts, and totally ignoring that God SLAYED His Son so that we may be saved from hellfire?

Does the character of God ever astound us? Or do we become so familiar to holy truths,.. that we end up becoming blind to the fear of God.

While the rest of the world appeals to us, with its Taylor Swifts and Lady Gagas.., so we go forth, completely ignoring that our sins were so great that our KING DIED FOR US. The one who created us, DIED for us.

Do we know our place before God and live in humility?

Truly, we need examine ourselves and ask this:
“Do I live my life as if the fear of God is in front of me?”

+Michael Kwon
I’m so glad the Gospel is a message about the RISEN Savior King. Why is it the Good News anyways? 🙂


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