Empty Room

A while back, I ran into Zack Hemsey and his new album.

For an indie artist, his stuff is pretty good. [After all, he was the composer for the trailer for Inception :]

Although I don’t usually promote secular music, Zack’s songs bring up dark, compelling themes that many people deal with.

From death, to breakups, even to disillusionment, Zack Hemsey compiles the emotions and heart-wrenching feelings from life into this 13-song epic. All written from a secular point of view, the album conveys much of the hopelessness that a nonbeliever wades in this world.

There are some language and strong, mature references in some of the songs. But I do admire Zack’s blunt honesty in the delicate, harsh nature of life. His “Empty Room” album serves as a compelling commentary of this world.

As believers, we should be challenged especially on how we view the world and those of it; the ambiance of “Empty Room” matches the nature of the gritty world we live in, Christians & non-Christians alike. Instead of acting high-and-mighty on our imaginary ivory pedestals, can we sympathize with those who are lost in the mire and say, as one starving man to another, that we found the bread of life?
+Michael K


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