The internet is for

That one song from Avenue Q rings through my head. And I am not liking it at all.

Does it not disgust people that all kinds of nasty things can be found online? Why are people desensitized to this? Why do people find it acceptable?

Speaking of Avenue Q,..
I saw Avenue Q a few weeks ago with some old friends. In many of the scenes, I was honestly shocked at how gross the play was. Although there were some humorous elements in the entire production, some scenes were so wrong that I couldn’t laugh at all. How could I condone sinfulness with my laughter?

After watching the play, I couldn’t help but realize how much humor has been subverted. Some scenes, I couldn’t help but be shocked at the utter sickness it portrays. The way certain themes are played off as “accepted” and “normal” is something that I find very unsettling.

But I did appreciate Avenue Q for one thing; it portrayed the dilemma of many college graduate and their single life crisis of finding “purpose.” As an incoming 4th year, I see the reality of that predicament zooming closer to me. The play does a good job on depicting the anguish that the main character inflicts on others. The audience clearly sees major issues that stems from being “unmanly.” I personally wonder if I might find myself approaching that horizon..

Lack of initiative, lack of direction, self-indulgence, sensuousness and so on,.. These characteristics describe the modern-day bachelor too well. Society may play this off as the model of “manliness”, but biblical manliness goes against this current trend.

A biblically manly man won’t be the 30 year old “Peter Pan” who knows how to shave.

+Michael K
So what is biblical manhood?


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