Reverse Engineering

“Define your life forward
Live your life backward.” – Mark Driscoll

Essentially, know what your goal is. Then, break it down to smaller parts that can be done immediately.

Example) I want my gut to never go past my chest.


  • 10 Situps/Pushups every minute for 10 minutes, every day [to maintain abdominal strength]
  • Cardio every (other) day [Sunday-Run, Tue-Plyo, Thur-Swim/Run, Sat-mystery]
  • Strength training every (other) day.
  • Eat healthy [cut away food that is not as healthy, emphasize healthy choices; for me, no soda, little juice, and more meat/veggies]. Though, dieting is pointless if I end up being miserable. 😛
  • Anythign else? Goal: Have this down by the end of summer 😉
    • [I can always be more detailed & exacting; will edit post later ;]

Okay. I posted this up on the internet. That means I got the entire web to keep me accountable. Let’s see how well this reverse-engineering works out! ^^

+Michael K

Why am I doing this? To be healthy, disciplined, & ready for service. Last time I helped someone move, I had a much harder time than I thought…


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