I’m going to use this post to plug for tumblr!
I think of my tumblr as a cross between my wordpress blog and my twitter, with the added function of uploading videos and photos.

I see a lot of American/Californian types of people use tumblr; their lifestyle does well in supporting what tumblr does best 🙂

I like tumblr because of its ubiquitous function; the fact that I can use any PC anywhere to login and upload stuff is helpful. That and using my Android phone to upload more things is useful for things on the fly.
I treat my Tumblr as the central hub to anything related to me, whether it be random photos I upload, to random hilarious conversations, to the random songs I listen to on those long drives back to LA.

Be sure to check it out! I typically link this WordPress blog TO my tumblr because Tumblr can do many things that WordPress can’t do.

+Michael K


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