I deactivated facebook.

I need it. If my facebook is becoming my #1, #2, and #3 visited website, I need to do something about it. If i’m on facebook to the point where random people are starting to friend me, I should do something.

There’s an obvious condition of my heart that needs to be addressed; we can do behavior modification, but the entirety of my heart needs to be addressed.

While I am taking this facebook hiatus, I will be devoting more time to reformatting myself and mortifying my heart issues.

So, I will be taking this time to, by God’s grace, address my heart during this time.

I think this will be a good change, as I will transition my efforts to blog-posting, instead of facebook-stalking. I’ve found that blogging has been much more beneficial than facebooking.

A week ago, I made a list of priorities, convictions, and philosophy statements that I desire to live by. It’s time to revisit and review.

+Michael K

PS: In the meantime, I am considering remaking michaelkwon.com and perhaps making it into a design blog as well. More on this later…


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