into the valley of humiliation

Today, I entered the ‘sphere of humiliation.’

Officially, it has been 2 weeks since Resolved and I feel the reality of reentry onto the real world sinking in my being. The triteness of life and the struggles of sin still persists in this valley & today, I’ve been brought to humiliation.

As I contemplate what brought this humiliation to me, words of Oswald Chambers reverberate in my mind. Though it’s been 3 years since I last read Oswald’s meditations, the sage’s words echo in my heart as if we just met.

“When you were on the mount, you could believe anything, but what about the time when you were up against facts in the valley?” -Oswald Chambers

In this day alone, I could compile specific list of my downfalls and sins that have resulted in my sentiments of depression. It’s sad to see how numbing and empty life can feel when one “enters the valley” of reality & drudgery.

It’s easy to do miracles when we are on the mountaintops, but doesn’t God call us to LIVE Christ-likeness ALL the time? God’s command to obey is no secret; there’s 66 books written about that.

As I type and reflect, I remember the parable of the talents and how the unfaithful servant tries to justify his burying of talents with emotions and fear. In his perspective, it was his emotions that had the final authority that motivated him to that action! It wasn’t truth, nor the command of his master, or even his master’s greatness. But it was the servant’s feeble, fearful feelings that drove him to waste away his talents & become utterly useless.

We know what to do; we were amazed when we first heard it. What changed about God & His vision between the first time we met to this moment now?

Can we remain faithful & not become skeptical of His greatness, despite our evanescent feelings? As Chambers said, can we “live in actualities in the light of the vision” even in the lowest, humblest of valleys?
+Michael K


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