Here are some things I’ve been burdened and pierced with…

to live
with all
my might
while I do

We buy t-shirts with these bold statements, but do we live what we wear?

We post inspiring quotes on facebook and even claim our allegiance by declaring “Christian” on our Religious Views. But in that same breath, do we spend our time in late night pursuits of ballroom-dancing with the world and drowning yourself in the whelming flood of sensuous gratification?

If we are DATING the world, and still claiming to be a CHRISTian,

If we are INDULGING in dance & sport and compromising our devotion to God, our service to church, our witness to people,

We CANNOT say we are living what we claim to be.

By posting “Christian” on Facebook, we claim that there is the KING OF KINGS, CRUCIFIED and RAISED, who is in charge. But how can we say this when we find ourselves staying up until 4:32am, casting away precious time for the sake of instant messaging girls  and watching YouTube? How can we say this when we are leaving the church to pursue research, leaving fellowship to pursue the world?

We say we are SLAVES to righteousness, yet we can’t even open the Word that tells us about how to live righteously by faith; our actions say that we are at the point of doubting the authenticity of God’s Word.

If we KNOW that GOD rules,
STOP thinking/talking/’emo’ing. Stop giving the final say to feelings. Start giving the final say to whom it belongs.
And start LIVING.

If we proclaim spirit & truth, we live in spirit & truth.

So, let’s live mightily in the strength that comes from God. {1 Peter 4:11}

+Michael K

PS: On my way to reviewing my time at Resolved 2010; I will definitely write a little something 🙂


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