the morning after

I woke up this morning. The morning after last night.
And reality finally hits me.
I am NOT a 3rd year anymore.

At that moment, I felt genuine unease. Not a fear, but an uneasy, unsettled feeling. Reality brings gravity in the deepest ways.

I remember that olden days seems so golden.
Every year feels like a crisis, a miracle, and a milestone every time.
Do we stay in the vintage past & never move forward, paralyzed from the unsettled fear of the unknown?
Rather, can we “grin and bear it”? White-knuckle through this new transition until the end?

I flipped open my Bible and read. Same words, same pages, same message, same Master.

The only things that stay constant among the squall of change,
are the only things that matter.

This summer will be intriguing.
+Michael K


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