So taking a little break from studying for finals, I dug up my old archived files from last summer and I ran into an old song that I wrote a long time ago. It was a little ditty that I wrote up as I was dealing with some newfound “fluttery” feelings for a special so-and-so… Once again, my mind went back in time as I thought back on how it all started.

How I discovered these feelings was interesting & random. I clearly remembered being at church one day, casually chatting with a friend. Then, the gal in question simply runs across my peripherals & immediately, I felt…. butterflies. Little, fluttery creatures commenced flapping their wings in my stomach as they burst out of their cocoons & embraced the new life that is beyond the realm of dormancy. Dormant no more, I had to cover my mouth as I fought the urge to cough,… lest flower petals & butterflies pop out of my mouth, revealing my feelings & broadcasting my “butterflies” to the world…

Wow. That was a year ago. That was quite a silly time for me.

I chuckled & laughed, recognizing that since then,.. some things have changed

and some things haven’t changed at all.


A friend shows me a slideshow & once again,… a slideshow in my heart started playing.. except the feelings weren’t induced because of a hormonal reaction to a visible female stimulus, but instead the cause of my butterflies was from the memories of such good times! God was sooo gracious to me in even letting me have the privilege to form these butterfly memories with new people in fresh starts.

I can’t help but smile. And be thankful.

Yes, I am unashamed of these butterflies. No need to cover my mouth; flower petals can flow out of my face for all I care, for I know that I’ve been greatly blessed by my Master 🙂

Butterflies indeed >:3

+Michael Kwon


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