“Rejoice in hope, be patient in tribulation, be constant in prayer.” -Romans 12:12

Christ calls believers to live a life that is set apart from the world; genuine joy is one way to stand out from this world.

From what I’ve experienced, the general notion of the world leans towards pessimism and fatalism; life is so short, so you might as well take what you can get. It seems as if everything is about living for the moment and when that moment ends, it’s time to find another way to get that “moment” back.

Here’s the thing: there’s an eternal hope that goes far beyond “living for the moment.” If anything, this way of living directly contradicts what the world says because it is rooted in a genuine hope in God!

From this promise of hope, this is how we can be persevere in trials, and being able to trust God & pray constantly.
Feelings and insecurities are part of life’s reality; but it’s never meant to be something we hide & never address. The fact that God is FOR US should comfort us [cf Rom 8:31]! We have a great high priest who can sympathize and understand us, even in our tribulations [cf Hebrews 4:15-16].

So, if Jesus Christ is your Lord & Savior,
in all things,
^^+Michael Kwon


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