short experience

“Life is so short. Therefore, you got to go and experience everything that you can.”

How contradictory. There’s no way you can do that. If you were to try and experience everything, you will never ever be able to experience EVERYTHING.
For an example, a guy would like to experience pre-marital sex and engages in it. But by giving away his virginity before marriage, he will NEVER experience what it is like to maintain one’s virginity until marriage.

Therefore, by circumstances, it is impossible to try to live to “do everything” and the whole statement collapses on itself.

Besides, at the very top of my head, some more questions I’d love to poke at:
-What is the underlying basis of that philosophy?
-What is truly valued here?
-[after showing futility of such a philosophy] Why should one pursue something that is utterly meaningless?
-If it does have meaning, how can you prove it?
-What/who has the final authority in this?
-What is defining the absolutes in this case?
-What are you doing in your life that reflects this? [in spite of its flaws]

And more…
I haven’t even barely fully thought this statement through and I can already see how useless it is.


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