Is it wrong to feel anger because you are faced with the fact that

    the person you are

is NOT

    the person you should be


You know who God is, you know who you are, you know the realities of the cross, you know the beauty of salvation
and yet, you still fail & stumble. you still get wrapped up in old problems. you still find yourself fighting phantoms from the past, struggling to rid of previous entanglements of the worldly snares.

[a question I ask myself is “Do I truly know what I say I know?”]

You become filled with grief, understanding that perhaps

    you don’t really know what you say you know.

The whole time, you’ve been doing it all wrong. You can’t help, but fall down & beg for help.

[a promise I remind myself is “Trust God”]

I’m glad that, one day, there will be no reason to feel discontent over such shallow flaws. Instead, there will be no possibility to fall and fail.

Oh Lord, please hasten that day.
Please help me grow to a fuller understanding what I am learning about your truth.
Please hasten that day.
+Michael K
PS: LBC banquet was great! though, it made me feel a bit somber afterwards; I felt as if it signified an end of an era.. and a start of a new one.


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