“You who boast in the law dishonor God by breaking the law.” -Romans 1:23

A while ago, I happened to see someone do some things that I find questionable. As soon as I began to think about the person, this verse popped up.

In context, this verse is referring to the Jews and how they are no better than the Gentiles; being born a Jew and having a godly heritage does absolutely nothing when your life is a contradiction of your calling.

While it might be easy for me to point out the wrong in others, I find this verse repeating itself in my mind.
As this was going on, I began to wonder if I look exactly like that person when I was doing questionable things too.

Ultimately, we need to realize that we are all wicked and in desperate need of salvation. By no means do we have any right to look down on another.

It’s especially humbling to see your past shadow, running around and committing your mistakes.
It makes you think twice about what you do today.


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