Whenever I meet with people, I always carry the mindset that every person has something to share; it isn’t beneath me to think that I can learn something new every day from every person I see.

Somewhere in there, God’s truth resides; whether the person is conscious of it or not, whether the person is obedient to God’s truth or not, whether the person pursues God or not, that is another story. Yet knowing the truth that God has wonderfully created everyone in their unique way, I can’t ignore them if they want to talk.

In all people, a true human soul resides.

But to those who have been ravaged by others’ selfishness… how would they view the above statements? It’s idyllic that people will take the above statements at face value anymore. Everywhere, human souls are torn apart by torture, murder, and other sinful atrocities from other human souls. No matter how “true” the human soul is, wrong is always wrong.

So,… How do you speak to the dying soul?


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