“Has the potter no right over the clay, to make out of the same lump one vessel for honorable use and another for dishonorable use?” -Romans 9:21

People just don’t get it. In the eyes of God, we are simply clay. We can even check our molecular composition and find that there isn’t much that separates us from mud. The same atoms that compose us can also compose the ground. Truly, it is a wonder to even think that certain combinations of this atomic puzzle can form living things.

But that changes nothing; we are still dirt in the eyes of God. When we think we own our bodies, we are simply deceiving ourselves. The human body is really nothing. The human brain, as glorified as humanity may proclaim, has a texture not unlike gelatin. For us to shout back at our Creator and even ask “Why?” would be an affront; how does a clay jar have any right to question the potter?

We aren’t too different from clay jars.

And yet, the fact that some clay jars can have the opportunity to know the glory of God is something that escapes me.
The fact that God can even redeem those who were not His… is something that is truly amazing.

It’s amazing that God can even save me. In spite of all my failings, even after knowledge of faults, to still see me fail others and shipwreck companions,…
that God, the one who is far above all and have completely received my insults, has forgiven me from the very start!

I’m thankful, beyond all comprehension.
It’s worth becoming like clay and completely changing one’s entire life to the potter’s hand.


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