Smile & Joy

“Smile more”
We got a good thing going! To know that there is such a great hope in the end, when faith turns into sight!

As I was reading one of my pastor’s blog, about blindness, it did strike to me that we are all just like the blind man; unable to cognitively perceive the spiritual world as much as God can perceive, we can live by faith, taught from the rules that Scripture dictates. Just as a blind man is taught rules to navigate in the world that is unseen for him, we are taught rules to navigate in a world that is unseen for us.

However, let’s rejoice and be glad! Remember your blessings and be thankful in all things! Though we live by faith, we know the one who guides us and walks us by,.. is the one who loved us so much to the point of the death! How can we not glorify Him when we know this truth? How can we possibly burn out & become embittered when we have this great reason to be joyful? How can we not smile in the light of such an amazing hope?

Like the blind man whom Christ completely heals, I can’t wait to have my eyes opened and being there when faith transform in to sight. 🙂

A rejoicing heart is a hard soil for sin & pride to take root and grow in. So, let’s smile & rejoice.

+Michael K
another food for thought:
Isn’t it weird that.. when Christ heals ppl, they are healed COMPLETELY. To the point where their cognitive functions of seeing and walking is complete! No need to learn how to walk/see; it’s as if it was already there! These little nuances really amaze me!


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