airport level..?

What a trippy dream. 4/14/10

So, I took a 4 hr nap at 7pm, because I was feeling quite exhausted from the entire day and I knew I would be up later tonite.

The dream was quite weird.

I found myself in a place very similar to the airport level in MW2. It was weird, because I was walking around the place and noted all the messy things on the floor, along with blood and randomly splayed papers & things on the floor [very similar to that game level..] I even found myself holding a rifle too, which was quite remniscent of a particular game I played occasionally. My throat began to feel sore at this point.

However, it felt totally normal, because I found myself walking next to J. Woo [my grocery shopping buddy] and strangely enough, I see him with a grocery cart. Apparently, we’re doing our groceries in the middle of the airport and everything “seemed” normal.

Then, I saw her. I couldn’t believe it. It was her and her boyfriend, at the escalator! I was so happy to see that rosy thorn again! The last I’ve ever seen her was a long while ago! So obviously, I was super-excited to see her again, and without hesitation, I ran up to her to give her a big hug! [strangely enough, J. Woo was already talking with her; already teleported there?]

However, when I tried to talk to her, i felt my voice fading away. She couldn’t hear me. No matter what, I couldn’t say all I wanted to say. [Even more strange, my voice returned for a bit when I spoke with her boyfriend, and I joked that “everytime i see him, i’m always a little sick (with some cold/flu).”]

The couple left us and went to watch a movie [in the airport level? weird…]

Me and j. woo were left alone at the place. And we resumed chatting as he and I joked about my fading voice [at this point, i can no longer talk]. And then I remember hearing J. Woo talk about leaving the place to go back home.

And then I woke up.

So weird… I can’t believe I saw her again.

Things I can take away from the dream:

  1. From time to time, irreconcilable conflicts can still come back to try to haunt and remind us of the past.
  2. Video games can often take a certain portion of our thought-life, whether consciously/subconsciously.
  3. As we spend more and more time with friends, the more likely they will reside in portions of our heart.
  4. In irreconcilable conflicts, there will be words that we wished we had spoken, but never will utter. Because those times had faded away and the lines of communication is down.
  5. Somewhere between an apostate gal and a video game map, J. Woo is there 🙂

It’s not about what I feel that will determine my course. But it is about what is true, the objective reality.

My Response to “Things I can take away from the dream”:

  1. It will be a miracle for this conflict with my rosy thorn to be completely reconciled. Sometimes, even as I honestly truly seek the peace, it will not work out. It takes two to have true peace. And I was the only one who desired it so.
  2. I need to monitor my gaming habits. So far, playing 3 rounds per day in MW2 seems to be okay. But I need to make it a habit to lessen this potential distraction.
  3. I’m quite grateful for my friendships that God’s given me. Even in the midst of meeting a difficult person [even if it was a dream], at least one of my friends were there to support me.
  4. Next time, I will not let regrets happen. At least as much as I can help it.
  5. J. Woo is a great dude, who exudes awesomeness 🙂

As for my voice disappearing,

that isn’t such a bad thing at all. 🙂

+Michael K

PS: @sar, hopefully that answers ur question!


3 thoughts on “airport level..?

  1. To all:
    1. The miracle has happened! This rosy thorn has finally met with me.

    Yet now I am praying for another miracle to happen, for a more painful ordeal with people I never expected have been involved.

    But God is still good.

    2. I don’t really play video games anymore.

    3. I am still grateful for my friendships that God’s given me. And I am learning to never take anyone for granted in my life.

    4. Regret-inducing situations is a matter of life, but my heart response to it is what is most important.

    5. Still, J. Woo is a great dude, who exudes awesomeness.

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