slip of mind

I am beginning to realize that the more noise and distractions I let in my mind, the more I am likely to have these “slips of mind”.

I get a good idea! And then, I ponder on it. and then suddenly, I forget it. Why is that?

It seems that the older we get, the more likely we will lose some imaginative sparks. The more my brain crystallizes and loses its plasticity, the harder it is to capture moments of ingenuity.

The predicament of crystallization vs. plasticity. Crystal memories or plastic memories. To be solid as a rock, or pliable as clay. To be sculpted as the beautiful, steadfast granite, or invisible & free as the capricious zephyr.

Eventually, no matter how plastic and pliable we start off, things harden and solidify.

Someone mentioned how precious children are. I’m beginning to see that this temporary aspect of plasticity adds to the preciousness of young, pliable children.

Youthfulness is a gift. Singleness is a gift. Let’s not fool ourselves and refuse to harness such things before we lose it.


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