Fine Words

“Fine words. I wonder where you stole them.” -Jonathan Swift.

A man I truly respect has quoted this and it makes me think about the concept of “originality.”

For some reason, people seem to treasure being “original.” What is it about having “original” thoughts that makes it valuable?

It’s as if we, being original, can merit anything and everything in this world.

Here’s a[n unoriginal] thought. I type this and I think my thoughts, realizing that there may have been another person, like me, who have thought the exact same thoughts, typed the same words, and walked the same paths. Maybe that person isn’t me, but at another time/place, that person certainly genuinely had the same thinkings that I do. What happens to originality there? Does this mean that my feelings/thoughts/heart/etc. is inauthentic and automatically null? Shall we just drag the both of me [me and my doppelganger] and shoot us down because of being “unoriginal”? {i exaggerate this point for a reason :}

Obviously, I am not original. John Piper even says so himself, “I never had an original thought.” [did you catch that too? ;]

Does me, being unoriginal, automatically invalidate everything I say? What is so wrong with saying things that may have been said before? What is so special about being “original”? Why do we pride ourselves and puff ourselves up when we think we’re so great?

Here’s the implication that I see: People make themselves more than they actually are. We exaggerate and puff up things to make everything look favorable to us. So… Why can’t you let go of the delusion of “you are a good, unique person”? What’s wrong with accepting the fact that you are NOT great nor good?

Even though someone else may have thought the same things you have, you can be correct [or incorrect]. Sometimes, unoriginality  can show that you aren’t the only sane person. After all, it would sad and lonely to be the only right person in the world of wrong.

I never claimed to be original. I don’t care about that. But I will be honest & true to what I believe. Therefore, my writings and sayings will be consistent to that. If that equals being unoriginal sometimes [or every time?], tough luck for those who don’t like it.

Your pride, your puffed-up ego. Leave it all behind.

So, for next time, here’s something to nibble on. This came from a dialogue I had with a friend. Obviously, I know the context and everything and a bit of it, I [in my gross ignorance] had triggered this. But this is still good to think through.

One day, someone tells you that your thinking is skewed. And then claims that he is “balanced”, “unbiased”, and “accepts everything.” An undertone of “perfection” is hinted throughout this diatribe.

Who is the skewed one[s]? Are there more than one ways to be skewed? What is skewed thinking anyway? Who defines the absolute definition of skewed/balance thinking? Can you be the ultimate judge of such things?

Have fun! ^^

+Michael K

PS: Some people write very beautifully. I am not one of those people. Too bad. While I strive and yearn to grow in that sense, you’ll just have to deal with this process of growth that I seek to endeavor <—-[hah. another unoriginal phrase, strung together with unoriginal words. I am really liking this thing.]


One thought on “Fine Words

  1. Well, I’ve had the originality conversation with someone else before, so that makes two people who’ve had these same thoughts before. =)

    Thanks for sharing. It’s good that you’re going to stick up for truth over originality.

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